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Current Topics in Computational Macroeconomics

Dienstag, 24. März 2020

WiSe 2020/21
Mi. 12:00-14:00, Online Meeting via Zoom
Info and Topics                        
Course Outline
To register, please send an E-Mail with registration form and the selected topic to Prof. Almosova (anna.almosova@tu-berlin.de) by 08.11.2020 at latest:

Registration form
Link to ISIS page
English language skills
Guidelines for academic writing

First meeting will take place on the 04.11.2020 via Zoom. The link will be postet on ISIS.

During the seminar students will become familiar with the current developments in computational methods, in particular macroeconomic applications. The seminar facilitates an understanding of the advantages and issues of computational methods in economic research. Each week there will be a presentation and a discussion of a paper on a selected topic. Some examples include: computational and numerical methods, Bayesian methods, simulations, machine learning and neural networks, computational optimizations, programming languages for macroeconomic analysis, parallelization, super computers etc. The seminar will enable students to present the results of their independent scientific work it in written and oral form.

The schedule of the seminar will be provided on this website after the allocation of topics. The seminar counts for the study programs "Master of Industrial Economics" and "Master of Industrial and network Economics". The exam consists of two parts: a term paper or research project of about 20 pages (90%) and a written homework of about 10 pages (10%)

For further information, please contact Prof. Almosova at .



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