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Publications at the Chair of Macroeconomics

Below is a list of all publications at the Chair of Macroeconomics since 2008.

You can find a full list of publications by Prof. Dr. Frank Heinemann and additional material like online appendices here [1].


Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann (2019):
Experiments in Macroeconomics: Methods and Applications
Arthur Schram and Aljaž Ule (eds.), Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Experimental Economics, Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 269-294.
Manuscript [2]
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann (2019):
Monetary Policy Obeying the Taylor Principle Turns Prices into Strategic Substitutes

forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation.
Manuscript [3]
Fehr, Dietmar, Frank Heinemann, and Aniol Llorente-Saguer (2019):
The Power of Sunspots: An Experimental Analysis
Journal of Monetary Economics, 103, 123-136.
Manuscript [4]

Data [5] (.xls)


Bosch-Rosa, Ciril (2018):
Equality over Intentionality: The Normative Social Preferences of Neutral Third-Parties
PLoS One, 13(11), e0205240
Paper [6]
Bosch-Rosa, Ciril (2018):
That’s How We Roll: an Experiment on Rollover Risk
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 145, 495-510.
Paper [7]
Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, Thomas Meissner, and Antoni Bosch-Domènech (2018):
Cognitive Bubbles
Experimental Economics, 21(1), 132-153.
Paper [8]
Nagel, Rosemarie, Andrea Brovelli, Frank Heinemann, and Giorgio Coricelli (2018):
Neural Mechanisms Mediating Degrees of Strategic Uncertainty
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 13(1), 52-62. 

Paper [9]
Supplementary Data [10]


Ahrens, Steffen, Inske Pirschel, and Dennis J. Snower (2017):
A Theory of Price Adjustment under Loss Aversion
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 134, 78-95.
Journal Article [11]
Working Paper [12]
Bosch-Rosa, Ciril, Chrisitna Aperjis, Dan Friedman, and Bernardo Huberman (2017):
Intolerable Nuisances: Some Laboratory Evidence on Survivor Curve Shapes
Experimental Economics, 20(3)601–621.
Paper [13]
Heinemann, Frank, Ulrich Klüh, and Sebastian Watzka (eds., 2017):
Monetary Policy, Financial Crises, and the Macroeconomy: Festschrift for Gerhard Illing
Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 351 pages,
ISBN 978-3-319-56261-2.
Contents [14]
Introduction [15]


König, Philipp, and David Pothier (2016):
Too Much of a Good Thing: Short-Term Debt as a Sorting Device
Journal of Financial Intermediation, 28, 100-114.
Meissner, Thomas (2016):
Intertemporal Consumption and Debt Aversion: an Experimental Study
Experimental Economics, 19(2), 281-298.
Paper (PDF, 914,1 KB) [16]
Schleich, Joachim, Xavier Gassmann, Corinne Faure, and Thomas Meissner (2016):
Making the Implicit Explicit: a Look Inside Implicit Discount Rates

Energy Policy, 97, 321-331.

Paper [17]


Ahrens, Steffen, and Matthias Hartmann (2015):
Cross-sectional evidence on state-dependent versus time-dependent price setting.
Economics Bulletin, 35(4), 2701-2709.
Journal Article [18]
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann (2015):
Macro-expérimentation autour des fonctions des Banques centrales
Revue française d'economie, 30(2), 3-47.
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann (2015):
Limited Higher Order Beliefs and the Welfare Effects of Public Information
Journal of Economic Studies, 42(6), 1005-28.

Paper [19]

Online-Appendix [20]
Heinemann, Frank, and Charles Noussair (2015):
Macroeconomic Experiments
Journal of Economic Studies, 42(6), 930-42.
Paper [21]


Ahrens, Steffen, and Stephen Sacht (2014):
Estimating a High-Frequency New-Keynesian Phillips Curve
Empirical Economics, 46, pp. 607-628.
Paper [22]
Ahrens, Steffen, and Dennis J. Snower (2014):
Envy, Guilt, and the Phillips Curve
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 99, pp. 69-84.
Paper [23]
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann (2014):
Measuring Agents' Reaction to Private and Public Information in Games with Strategic Complementarities

Experimental Economics, 17, pp. 61-77.
Paper [24]
Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann (2014):
Experiments on Monetary Policy and Central Banking
in: John Duffy (ed.), Experiments in Macroeconomics, Research in Experimental Economics, Vol. 17, 2014, Bingley, UK: Emerald, pp. 167-227.

Paper [25]
König, Philipp, Kartik Anand, and Frank Heinemann (2014):
Guarantees, Transparency and the Interdependency between Sovereign and Bank Default Risk
Journal of Banking and Finance, 45, pp. 321-337.

Paper [26]


Anand, Kartik, Prasanna Gai, Sujit Kapadia, Matthew Willison, and Simon Brennan (2013):
A network model of financial system resilience

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 85, pp. 219-235.
Paper [27]
Basteck, Christian, Tijmen Daniëls, and Frank Heinemann (2013):
Characterising Equilibrium Selection in Global Games with Strategic Complementarities

Journal of Economic Theory, 148, pp. 2620-2637.
Paper [28]
Daniëls, Tijmen, Jutta Dönges, and Frank Heinemann (2013):
Crossing Network versus Dealer Market: Unique Equilibrium in the Allocation of Order Flow
European Economic Review, 62, pp. 41-57.
Paper [29]


Anand, Kartik, Prasanna Gai, and Matteo Marsili (2012):
Rollover risk, network structure and systemic financial crises

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 36(8), pp. 1088-1100.
Paper [30]
Bindseil, Ulrich, Philippine Cour-Thimann and Philipp Konig (2012):
Target2 and Cross-border Interbank Payments during the Financial Crisis
CESifo Forum 13, Special Issue, pp. 83–92.
Paper [31]
Bindseil, Ulrich, and Philipp König (2012):
TARGET2 and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Kredit und Kapital, 45(2), pp. 135-174.
Paper [32]
Boeckx, Jef, and Philipp König (2012):
TARGET2 Balances in the Eurosystem: What they Are and how to Interpret them

Revue Bancaire et Financière, 2012(8), pp. 483-497.
Heinemann, Frank (2012):
Understanding Financial Crises: The Contribution of Experimental Economics

Annals of Economics and Statistics, 107-108, pp. 7-29.
Paper [33]


Anand, Kartik, Ginestra Bianconi, and Simone Severini (2011):
Shannon and von neumann entropies of random networks with heterogenous expected degrees

Physical Review E, 83, 036109
Paper [34]
Anand, Kartik, Alan Kirman, and Matteo Marsili (2011):
Epidemics of rules, rational negligence and market crashes
European Journal of Finance, DOI: 10.1080/1351847X.2011.601872
Paper [35]
Basteck, Christian, and Tijmen Daniëls (2011):
Every Symmetric 3x3 Global game of Strategic Complemntarities has Noise Independent Selection
Journal of Mathematical Economics, 47, pp. 749-754.
Paper [36]
Bindseil, Ulrich, Philippine Cour-Thimann and Philipp Konig (2011):
Weitere Anmerkungen zur Debatte um Target wahrend der Finanzkrise
ifo Schnelldienst 64(16), S. 79–86.
Paper [37]
Daniëls, Tijmen (2011):
Social Choice and the Logic of Simple Games

Journal of Logic and Computation, 21(6), pp. 883-906.
Paper [38]
Daniëls, Tijmen R., Henk Jager, and Franc Klaassen (2011):
Currency crises with the threat of an interest rate defence
Journal of International Economics, 85(1), pp. 14-24.
Paper [39]


Meyer-Gohde, Alexander (2010):
Linear Rational Expectations Models with Lagged Expectations: A Synthetic Method

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 34(5), pp.984-1002.
Paper [40]


Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann (2009):
Speculative Attacks with Multiple Sources of Public Information

Scandinavian Journal of Economics 111 (1),  pp. 73-102.
Paper [41]
Daniëls, Tijmen (2009):
Unique Equilibrium in a Dynamic Model of Speculative Attacks

De Economist, 157(4), pp. 417-439.
Paper [42]
Heinemann, Frank (2009):
Rationalität von Entscheidungen: Befunde der experimentellen Spieltheorie

in Seemüller, Anna, und Martin Dreßler (Hg.): Geist und Gesellschaft: Politische und wissenschaftliche Analysen, S. Hirzel Verlag Stuttgart, 2009, S. 8-24.
Paper [43]
Heinemann, Frank, Rosemarie Nagel, and Peter Ockenfels (2009):
Measuring Strategic Uncertainty in Coordination Games
Review of Economic Studies, 76 (1), 2009, pp. 181-221.
Paper [44]


Cornand, Camille, and Frank Heinemann (2008):
Optimal Degree of Public Information Dissemination

The Economic Journal 118 (April), 2008, pp. 718-742.
Paper [45]
Heinemann, Frank (2008):
Measuring Risk Aversion and the Wealth Effect
in: James C. Cox and Glenn W. Harrison (eds.), Risk Aversion in Experiments, Research in Experimental Economics, Vol. 12, 2008, Bingley, UK: Emerald, pp. 293-313.
Paper [46]
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